While we created this brand to support and sell #2 products, there is a deeper meaning behind it. The founder of J V Steele Inc., Joanne Steele, knows a little something about that!

Joanne has lived her entire life, like others, with many struggles. From her early 20s, she had struggled with her health, once being told she would not make it past a few years. Defying the odds, it wasn’t her time to leave us. Finally starting to feel better and get her feet on the ground, she loses her second born at birth; one would think there is no recovering from such a loss, something inside of her prevailed on to raise her two girls and support her family, while helping others. Fast forward to 2004, she loses her mother (best friend) to a sudden, tragic brain aneurysm, then loses her father in 2008. While grieving the loss of her parents, she loses her brother (50) to a 6 month battle of lung cancer. At this point she feels lost, looking at the office once filled with her family that worked with her every day. Feeling like there is no hope to continue, once again, that little something deep inside of her tells her to buckle up for journey ahead. With the help from dear friends in the industry, she was able to pick up all the pieces and take over her family company. Not only did she pick up the pieces, she formed them into a fiery rocket and took off!  Gaining much confidence along the way, she was able to add many special skills to her repertoire and add last remaining close family to roster. As she was breaking new ground into the industry, making a well-known name for herself, another hurdle struck yet again. In late 2011, her doctors had found a brain tumor located in a possibly inoperable location. As she manages the side effects of the tumor, years later in early 2017, she was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis (a disease in which the body attacks itself over time. It can be deadly if not treated properly. It is an incurable disease.). The most amazing thing about all of this, she has still not been knocked down. Every day she wakes up ready for the next exciting project that comes her way! Her life experience has lead her to realize and remind herself that she is still good!

This message is for anyone that may think life has defeated you, it hasn’t, you do not have to be perfect to have the life you dream of, you are you and that is good enough!